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Seven Internet Marketing Tips to Improve Your Productivity and Make More Cash

Internet Marketing Tips 1

Establish very clear targets for your business and for your monthly, once a week and day-to-day tasks. These must be very specific, in writing, have a day for conclusion and be quantifiable and measured. It aids if you write them down, read them daily and consider them in the present tense; as though they have actually been completed.

Internet Marketing Tips 2

Invest 90% of your time on cash making activities. Those consist of advertising and marketing or generating leads, interacting with those leads, interacting with people already on your list or in your organization, and developing content. The material you put out on your blog or in your write-ups or video clips is exactly how you establish value and draw in folks to you. Your success or failure with these activities will certainly determine whether or not you make money online. Fancying up your blog header is not always a cash making activity so don’t spend a lot of time in that sort of activity.

Internet Marketing Tips 3

Produce routines for every little thing you do. Similar to the way you have a specific routine for the various exercises you perform in a physical body building routine, so too ought you have detailed regimens for your daily tasks as you set about marketing your business.

Set regimens for when you rise in the morning, when you go to sleep, when you handle email and return telephone calls, and all the other things you do. These all support the formation of great habits and if practiced continually will boost your online marketing performance in all areas.

Internet Marketing Tips 4

We cannot manipulate time; it marches on with or without us. We can however take care of how we use our time. This is closely associated with Marketing Tips 3 as previously noted, however, it is not simply a routine. Specify exactly when you will embark on a certain task as well as the quantity of time you will devote to that job. This is applicable to actions pertaining to your emails, phone calls, creating material, working out, etc.

You might think about using Google Calendar or a similar tool to keep you on track. When it’s time to move to the next scheduled task, having a timer on your work desk that will sound an alarm at the appropriate time can be effective.

This in fact is probably one of the most vital of the online marketing tips I have. Since it’s easy for you to lose track of time when you are immersed in one job, without some method to help keep to your schedule you may find at the end of the day you have actually not finished other essential tasks.

Internet Marketing Tips 5

This is among my preferred bits of marketing advice. It is essential to get into the proper frame of mind before commencing your advertising and marketing activities for the day. It is additionally among the marketing tips that many individuals ignore. Mindset or attitude is often not given enough importance as individuals develop their business building and daily marketing plans.

Lots of people consider it useful to get some cardiovascular physical exercise early in the day to help get themselves primed for action and energized. While doing these workouts, they often picture the tasks they have actually planned for the day and see themselves efficiently completing them. Then they undertake some personal development by reviewing publications, tapes or videos regarding elements of effective attainment of objectives in all areas of their lives. They are, after that, well prepared for a day of max performance.

Internet Marketing Tips 6

Choose one, at the most 2, marketing approaches to be utilized in developing your business. Take command of the chosen advertising and marketing technique, master it and do not go on to an additional method until you acquire the production and success you want.

Advertising approaches you can utilize include things like video advertising and marketing, blogging, article marketing, social networks and so on. Choose one approach you are comfortable with and adhere to it. Your performance will certainly suffer and you will definitely not acquire the level of income you want if you neglect any of these internet tips. Not taking note of this particular one may cause your marketing initiatives to be scattered and ineffective, even if you are meticulous about doing the work. Jumping from one thing to another is counterproductive.

Internet Marketing Tips 7

The last of my tips deals with your individual life. Make time for friends and family. You possibly invest a great number of hours on your company which takes some time away from your family members. It is extremely important for you to arrange time for your family and friends. You likewise should have time for leisure and entertainment. Unless you do so you’ll burn out and your connections with family and friends will deteriorate. That will not aid your efficiency and application of the various other tips I’ve talked about won’t be as efficient as they could be.

To be successful with any business you have to be a self-starter with a great deal of dedication to being as efficient and productive as possible. It is necessary to be diligent, well organized and persistent if internet marketing success is to be obtained. I am hopeful this series of comments about some of the more vital things you can do to make the most of your productivity has been of help to you.

You can get access to an on-line training, advertising and marketing system that provides all the technology, training and online marketing techniques required to develop an effective internet marketing program by clicking the links below or contacting me. I look forward to helping you succeed.

What’s the Difference Between Mass Marketing and Niche Marketing?

A lot of people seem to get confused by the difference between mass marketing and niche marketing. Maybe because even the biggest mass markets are niches. for instance, something like milk is mass market but not everyone drinks it. Within the milk market, you’ve got niches such as low fat, soya and many others. So, no pun intended, that actually gives you a quick flavour of the difference between mass markets and niche markets.

The main difference between the two is the size of the potential market.

There’s no reliable definition of a mass market that I’ve come across although the closest description might be a mass market would be something that could have been advertised on peak time television back when there were only a handful of channels in existence. The quantity of people watching the shows – and hence the size of the price ticket – was such that only the biggest brands with the widest appeal could afford to buy peak time adverts.

Contrast that with today’s technology where television channels cater to small (niche) groups that wouldn’t even have had their own shows 20 years ago let alone an entire channel devoted to them.

It’s that splitting of markets that has caused an explosion of interest in niche marketing.

The internet has taken the segmentation down even further.

It costs a handful of dollars a year to have a website and if even that small amount is too much there are websites out there that allow you to put up your own content at no cost. And you maybe even get a share of the advertising revenue that your pages generate!

In a lot of ways, mass marketing is getting even more expensive than before.

In order to reach most of the population, you need to buy more advertising.

Gone are the days when half the UK was guaranteed to be watching one of the more popular shows and your adverts could reach people reliably.

Now, with time shift and on-demand programs, there’s no guarantee people will even see your advert let alone pay it any attention.

The same goes for the internet.

Banner blindness – tuning out any banners that happen to be on the site you’re visiting – is on the increase.

In fact, niche marketing has an advantage in this respect.

By definition, a niche market is smaller than a mass market. Which means the adverts – and the sites they appear on – can be narrowed down so that only the most likely prospects ever see your message.

In turn, that means that within a niche market you can have the same – or even higher – impact that the big brands for a fraction of the budget.

For traditional marketers, this is a topsy turvy time.

But for nimble internet marketers, it presentsa fantastic opportunity.

You can get lower advertising costs on sites like Facebook yet only show your advert to people who are likely to be interested in whatever you have to offer.

Which is the biggest leveling of the playing fields I’ve come across on the web in a large number of years. Take advantage of it while you can!

Online Marketing Websites

Internet Marketing & Online Advertising Efforts

There are many web marketing companies out there. As an example (and no, I am not affiliated in any way), SmartFinds Internet Marketing is a web marketing agency centered around helping customers understand the web marketing and web advertising world through education and consultation. The online marketing cost of search engine optimization (SEO) varies based on your objectives and the fees your online marketing firm charges to optimize your site. Marketing products and services using the Internet can be an effective promotion strategy provided one is aware of the misconceptions associated with online marketing. Achieving the aims set out in your web marketing strategy means taking action and implementing various marketing tactics. Website Internet Marketing equips business owners and property managers for success with unparalleled Internet marketing expertise, innovative internet marketing, and award winning website design. The key to marketing your online business is to apply twenty-first century technology to traditional marketing methods.

Your Website ‘s Search Engine Results

Delivering the message of your company through search engine marketing and social media marketing is just as important as reaching the top ten spot in search engine rankings. From branding and design to search engine optimization and social media marketing, find out which strategy is ideal for your business. The right structure of your website is extremely important in having search engines being able to reach your pages and glean the essential pages of your site. The GOAL being, to get your website appearing on the front page of search engines. In a study, 36% of search engine users felt that companies occupying the first listing on the search engine results pages were the leaders in their respective fields. Google AdWords is a service by Google that enables you to design and run advertisements on the Google search engine and on the GoogleDisplay Network.

Your Traffic and Website Leads Climb

Online Marketing is not about just driving traffic to your website but communicating with potential customers effectively. Zephoria (as an example), has been partnering with clients for over a decade to provide dramatic results in generating site traffic and improving the quality of leads (again, I am in no way affiliated with that company). On top of the results and traffic that will be driven to your website, the ability to easily track your investment has virtually no limit. Breadcrumb navigation is a secondary navigation on your website that is intended to help make a site more user-friendly. Developing a multilingual website is the best way to reach foreign markets and increase your international sales. The visitor experience means giving your website visitors exactly what they are looking for in a clean, concise and organized layout and design.

The People Searching For Your Product / Service

Search is the most affordable and effective way to get your local business in front of people in your service area, just as they are ready to make a purchase. The keywords that people are finding you with may not be the people searching for your product or service. Resources like Online Marketing Inside Out (again no affiliation) is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to market products or services on the Web. There is no question that local consumers are using Google & other major search engines to find local businesses. Local Google Searches is devoted solely to creating an affordable local business visibility on each of your local search engines. Podcasts are also a great way for a company to get the word out. Podcasts are audio recordings which allow companies to share their products and services with prospective and current customers.

All the best with your marketing

MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS: Profiling, Segmenting, Mixing, Portfolio and Branding


Now, how do you start marketing your business?

Here are a few tips and HOW-TOs in making that first sale.


You have to know exactly who your prospective customers are. If you want to sell cupcakes, you might want to get into partnership or agreement with event coordinators who specialize in children’s parties. Now, if you have a more competitive product like software, or services that deals with computers and technology, your target market would have to be companies and offices. Knowing who your consumers will be makes starting a business more promising.

Profiling is very important so you could plan your course of action when it comes to communicating with them. Setting your marketing strategy towards your specific target market will only be effective if you have profiled them properly. Identifying the group of people or companies that are currently buying patronizing products and services in the trade you wish to enter will give you leverage in competing with the existing businesses same as yours.

One classic example of profiling is by determining the age bracket of your target market. If you are operating in meeting the needs of industrial businesses, you should know how long a specific business in your target market have been operating and how young is the trade you are getting into as fresh-booming trades yield faster ROI (return of investment). Knowing that certain businesses included in your target market has proven operating experience based on how long they have been in the business will tell you if they have constant need for your products and services. This will encourage you to move forward into starting your business.

After you identify your specific target market, you have to profile them based on their individual characteristics. This way of profiling is also known as segmenting.


Segmenting your target market will enable you to distinguish your client’s specific needs based on their common characteristics. You can group them according to their individual preferences. You base your grouping or segmentation by certain standards, such as – but not limited to;

a) Capacity or Demographic Criteria: industry, company size and location

b) Habit or Purchasing Approaches: leasing, contracts, system purchases, sealed bidding, etc.

c) Preference or Operating Variables: technology, user/non-user status, customer capabilities, etc.

d) Need or Situation-al Factors: urgency, specific application or specialty, size of order or need, etc.

e) Personality or Personal Characteristics: buyer-seller similarity, attitude towards risk, loyalty, etc.

Profiling and Segmenting works to achieve a specific purpose of helping you prioritize the most “qualified” group in your list of prospective clients. It will also give you an upper hand in dealing with the less promising group as you are already equipped with the necessary information about their client profile.


The most important question is, “what is marketing mix?” Marketing has different variables that a certain business could control and mix to the most precise amount to meet the requirements of each client, as well as for different situations and purposes. Marketing mix is the interaction and integration between each variables. Each variable or element does not stand alone and will not make any significant effect if considered by itself. It is necessary to keep in mind that each variable is a part of a particular marketing mix.

Mc Carthy, in 1975, introduced the four Ps; product, place, promotion and price. Today, Mc Carthy’s four Ps are translated to:

*Product or services that are rated and qualified by prospective clients by its quality;

*Place, is for one, your specific location; also known as the factor to how your product reaches your customers. It is commonly referred to as distribution;

*Promotion is classified from the most visible to the less obvious manner as to how your marketing is implemented. It is how you communicate your products and services to your target market;

*Price is self explanatory but will usually include discounts credits and the likes.

Respectively speaking, being coherent, consistent and leveraged is the ideal mix you need to match with your competitors so you can differentiate your brand and set your company’s strengths and weaknesses against those that are already in the market.


One example of marketing mix is by making your products and services affordable by including discounts on bulk purchases and considering on giving loyalty rewards and referral programs to your clients – who, may or may not require immediate receipt of their purchase, which you can send by delivery or rush pick-up.

Another example is by distributing your products to different locations by means of franchising or sub-contracting your services where your target market could avail at the same price as if they bought it straight from you.

Both examples covered the four Ps – product, price, promotion and place.


Product portfolio is the most important of all the marketing steps. Your product has its attributes and you want to have these attributes described and explained in the most effective way. A product portfolio will certainly provide the best possible description of your products and services. Most portfolios are in a form of brochure.


Now, here is the best part of marketing – branding. What is branding?

There is no better way to explain branding more precisely than comparing Windows to Macintosh.